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About Me

In most situations, I am an observer.  I love taking in others around me in a group, getting to know them and creating connections slowly and, as it happens, a little more organically.  When I have my camera I’m often that quiet one off to the side, just waiting for the perfect moment when two people truly connect to press the shutter.  I am simply in awe of the connections we make with each person who is special in our lives, especially those deep, meaningful bonds of family.  It’s what I love and it’s the reason I do what I do.  I get to document one of the greatest things of all, which is the love between family members.  How much better could my job really be?

Why newborns?  When a parent looks into the eyes of their newborn child, there is a certain sense of wonder that is among my favorite moments to record.  The sweet slumber of a newborn baby in their parent’s arms is a time for reflection, anticipation, hope, joy, and above all, overwhelming love.

Moments, memories, loved ones … they are what bring light to our lives.  When it comes to the name La Lumiere I’ve often received a raised eyebrow followed by “La Lu-what?”  I have to smile – I anticipated a bit of confusion, but the name was important to me for many reasons. It is pronounced ‘La Loo-me-yair’ and is french for ‘the light.’  Photography is at its basic level the capture of light, and I want to capture your light, your love, and preserve these memories for you.

To read more about why I chose to specialize in newborns and young families, please click here.

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